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Announcing MatchyGotchy! January 2018

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Bandai executive, Aki Maita, jumped from corporate work to toy development when she designed the idea of Tamagotchi back in the 90’s. This digital pet toy became a cultural phenomenon with a worldwide cult following, selling millions of copies and inspiring dozens of copycat products and changing the future of Bandai forever. Now, it has helped us reconnect with the idea of fun, inspiring MatchyGotchy for the Silverware Games world.

We spent most of 2017 working with Matchy Star, and the more we immerse ourselves with the game, the more we wanted to expand the “Matchy-verse.” So when Say mentioned the idea to explore a short fun virtual pet experience with Matchy Star’s characters, I was on board right away. I spent hours researching everything I could about Tamagotchis, and I found tons of fan wikis, people dissecting the algorithms behind these toys, and all kind of videos of people playing and enjoying them.

My idea was to build a charming and expressive experience that could do so much beyond the limitations of the original toy. Since we were working on PC instead of a tiny egg LCD, we had options to explore with visuals, commands, and new ideas. It was so much fun researching and putting this game together.

Matchy Hammering a Ship.

When I was working on MatchyGotchy, I started thinking about how having a Tamagotchi is taking care of a little virtual living thing. This got me thinking about how I took care of myself. As I was cleaning my apartment and thinking about the game’s design, I had the idea for different virtual environments that change when you clean. This kind of reflection on my day to day life led to tweaking new ways to interact with your virtual pet in MatchyGotchy.

Then I thought about including original elements in MatchyGotchy like having the pets build the three ships from Matchy Star depending on how well you take care of them. By adding the ship building we mixed the game-play of a Tamagotchi with an idle clicker in a bit of a twist. I always explore the mechanics involved in hopes of bringing so much more than what’s expected. I hope to include original twists like this in every original Silverware Game.

There is so much more to talk about the game as the build is almost ready to go, MatchyGotchy Steam page is already live too! We are just working on assembling final details and we should have it out later in January 2018, so feel free to subscribe to the newsletter to keep up with MatchyGotchy! This is one of the most fun projects we have done so far, and we hope you love playing it just as much as we loved putting this cute idea together.

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